Any Branch Banking

Ashok Sahakari bank provides you the facility to operate your Savings / Current / Overdraft / Cash credit from any Branch of the Bank.

This facility offers you convenience and ease of doing following types of transactions from your Account:-

Cash Deposit:-

Your Business Associates or partners can deposit cash in your Account from any of our Branch. This facility is available for Savings, Current, Cash Credit, Overdraft, Recurring Deposit (Installment) and payment of Loan Installment.

Cash Payment:-

You can withdraw cash from any Branch in case of your urgent need of Cash. This facility is available for Savings, Current, Cash credit and Overdraft Account.

Funds Transfer:-

You have the facility like funds transfer out (remitting funds from your A/c), transfer in (collection of cheques in your favour issued by other customer of Ashok Sahakari Bank) and Remote Transfer of funds.

PO/DD Issuance:-

You can request for a DD/PO from a remote location by debiting your Account.

Cash Management:-

Cheques received by your sub-branches, sub-offices can be deposited at the respective centre (local branch) for collection. This facilitates fastest realization of outstation cheques.

Balance Enquiry / Statement Printing:-

You can enquire about the Balance and request for Statement of your Account from any Branch

Deposit Interest Credit:-

Your account situated at any Branch will be credited with interest amount on all deposits scattered in various Branches.