KYC [Know Your Customer] - Documents Required

Photo Identity:

  • An Identity Card laminated, bearing seal and signature of issuer preferably Government, Semi - Government, Local Authority, Corporate Employer, Educational Institute, Banker Etc.
  • Election Identity Card
  • Letter from District Magistrate for Election Commission
  • PAN Card
  • Pass Port
  • Driving License

Address Proof:

  • Ration Card
  • Electricity Bill
  • LIC Premium Payment Receipt
  • Latest letter received from Post Office
  • Telephone Bill
  • Election Identity Card
  • PAN Card
  • Aadhar Card
  • Passport Number


  • Any of the photo identity cards or letters from a recognized public authority or public servant which verifies the identity
  • Any document verifying current and permanent address, office address - in details
  • Recent Photos

Proprietary Concern:

  • KYC documents for proprietor as individual
  • Proof of legal / commercial name, address and activity of the business concern such as registration certificate, Certificate of Institute of CAs, CWAs, CSs, Medical Council, SSI Registration
  • Necessary certificates considering nature of business .. FDA License, PCB License etc.


  • Certificate of Registration
  • Certificate of Commencement of Business
  • Memorandum and Articles of Association
  • Board Resolution for opening Account
  • Power of Attorney [ Duly registered ] in favor of person/ persons, authorizes to operate the account and to transact the business on behalf of the company
  • Usual documents of address proof of the principal office / branch office of the company
  • Usual proofs of identity and address for those persons authorised to operate and transact
  • Telephone Bill

Partnership Firm:

  • Certificate of Registration
  • Partnership Deed
  • Officially Valid document certifying and verifying the authority of person / persons to operate and transact on behalf of the firm
  • Usual KYC documents for partners
  • Address proof of the firm
  • Business License / registration certificates according to the Business
  • Telephone Bill

Limited Liability Firm:

  • Incorporation documents under provisions of Section 11
  • Certificate of Registration, signed by the Registrar and bearing his official seal
  • Limited liability partnership agreement
  • Usual KYC documents for partners
  • Business License / registration certificates according to the Business

Trust and Foundation:

  • Registration Certificate Under S.R.Act and P.T.Act
  • Trust / Foundation deed
  • Officially valid documents certifying and verifying the authority of person/s to operate and transact on behalf of trust / foundation
  • KYC documents for trustees, settlers, beneficiaries and signatories
  • Managing Committee Resolution for opening of account
  • Latest change report verifying the latest list of trustees
  • Telephone Bill

Unincorporated Association or Body of Individuals:

  • Resolution of managing body
  • Power of attorney to transact on behalf of association / body
  • Officially valid documents for holding power of attorney
  • Such documents as may be required by the Bank to establish collective identity of the association / body.
  • Undertaking by all members to constitute the group
  • Usual KYC documents for persons concerned

Co-operative Society:

  • Bye Laws
  • Certificate of Registration and Commencement of Business under State or Multistate co-operative act
  • Board resolution authorizing opening of an account
  • Resolution appointing person/s to operate the account and verifying the specimen signature
  • Usual KYC documents for persons concerned